P-MEC China 2019
Mix with the World of Pharma Machinery, People & Solutions
18-20 June, 2019 | Shanghai New Int'l Expo Centre (SNIEC), China
Co-located with CPhI, ICSE, FDF, BioPh, NEX China 2019

Latest News

【InnoPack】Focus on the Pharmaceutical Glass Market and Packaging Accessories Innovation for New Industry Breakthroughs2018/12/19

【P-MEC】The Next Industrial Revolution in Pharma Driven by Digitisation2018/12/19

【bioLIVE】bioLIVE China 2019 to be Newly Upgraded, to Lead the Development of the Bio-Pharma Technology in Asia2018/12/17

【CPhI China 2019】Chinese API Market Growing Strongly, CPhI China Assisting Enterprises with the Transformation, ...2018/12/17

【EP & Clean Tech】Gather Clean Pharmaceutical Technical Equipment, Assist with Green Production of Clean Plants -- ...2018/11/06

【EP & Clean Tech】Gather Well-known Pharmaceutical Enterprises, Practice Green Pharma - 2019 EP & Clean Tech China 2018/11/01

【LABWorld】Gather Pharmaceutical Biochemical and Analytical Instruments, Focus on Cutting-edge Laboratory ...2018/10/23

【P-Logi】Intelligent Upgrading of Pharmaceutical Logistics Equipment, Rapid Development of Cold Chain Transport ...2018/10/15

【P-MEC China 2019】Focusing on the Advanced Productivity in the Pharmaceutical Field: the P-MEC & InnoPack China 2019 ...2018/10/11

【EP & Clean Tech】 EP & Clean Tech China 2018 Achieved Explosive Growth2018/07/10

【CPhI & P-MEC China 2018】Yet Another Successful Edition of CPhI China2018/06/24

【EP & Clean Tech】Green Pharma, Clean Pharma2018/05/23

【InnoPack】Optimizing and Upgrading Zones, and Gathering Global Innovation Information --InnoPack China 2018 to Offer ...2018/05/12

【EP & Clean Tech】New Opportunities for the Pharmaceutical Clean Technology Industry2018/04/26

【InnoPack】People-oriented, Thinking and then Acting, InnoPack China 2018 to Advance While Making Breakthroughs2018/04/23

【InnoPack】InnoPack China 2018 to Take Place Soon ——with a Focus on the Transformation of Relationships between the ...2018/04/22

【P-Logi】Facilitating Normalized and Intelligent Development of Pharmaceutical Logistics -- The (4th) International ...2018/03/23

【AT & IT】China Intelligent Pharmaceuticals 2025 in the Eyes of Industry Experts 1 2018/02/21

【AT & IT】China Intelligent Pharmaceuticals 2025 in the Eyes of Industry Experts 22018/01/17

【AT & IT】China Intelligent Pharmaceuticals 2025 in the Eyes of Industry Experts 32018/01/06

【AT & IT】Focusing on Intelligent Plants to Help Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Achieve “Intelligent Manufacturing in ...2017/12/16

【P-MEC】Focusing on the Standardized Management and Quality Control of the Pharmaceutical Production Link2017/11/08

【P-MEC】From “Stressing Threshold” to “Stressing Supervision” ——P-MEC China 2018 to Pass the “Year of Transformation” ...2017/10/28

【CPhI】Regulation of Pharmaceutical Production will be Stricter with the Cancellation of GMP Certification in China 2017/10/15

【AT & IT】Truking Smart Robots Project Investigation ----World’s First Batch of Pharmaceutical Equipment Intelligent ...2017/10/07

【EP & Clean Tech】Green and Intelligent Pharmaceutical Packaging Development2017/09/26

【EP & Clean Tech】Energy-saving Clean Workshops for Pharmaceutical Production Are Pushed to the Forefront2017/09/15

【P-MEC】Fume Hood: A Safety Link that shall not be Ignored2017/09/11

【P-Logi】Pharmaceutical Logistics Developing into a New Era2017/08/15

【P-MEC】Focuses of Validation of Pharmaceutical Liquid Mixing Process System2017/07/25

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